About me

I’m glad you stopped by to learn more about me and my team. I started my SEO journey more than 12 years ago. Behind me is a great team of talents and companies, my siblings are also part of it, we have link-builders, writers, programmers, and anyone that we need to add to achieve all your wishes and make #1 rankings a reality.

I found a passion for SEO and started my journey as a self-employed in 2010. When I was younger, I loved to disassemble everything just to learn about it. I’ve been a hassle for my mother, but nothing could stop my interest in technology, finding workarounds or enhancing features for systems and programs.

Learning from experience made my journey into SEO a perfect match. My never-ending curiosity made me a website traffic addict, optimizing technical aspects or finding the perfect backlinks to increase organic traffic, clicks, conversions, and sales resulting from the tiniest of changes.

I’ve helped 100s of businesses reach their online marketing goals. With my extensive experience in different industries ranging from gambling, to flooring, nutrition and being a super affiliate for VPN companies, I can confidently say that I know what it takes to drive traffic to a website and increase conversions.

My interests go beyond just SEO though; I have a love for anything online marketing related, such as setting up funnels, programming pop-ups, and getting 100% email delivery rates for a smooth customer experience. Your website’s ability to generate organic traffic and sales is my absolute top priority.

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