How to Switch a Blocked Domain in Google within 8 hours (Case Study)

By On January 16, 2016

Our Scenario We are a Services Provider in Turkey and Rank for our Brand #1, when suddenly the Turkish Authorities decide to block our Domain, we find that in Google Analytics the… Read More


3 Steps: How to Setup and Move WordPress to New Domain or Host

By On January 12, 2016

In today’s edition I will explain you how to move a WordPress site from one place to another, installing WordPress step by step is included in this sensational guide, made just so you… Read More


How I learned to do Site Searches in Google

By On January 11, 2016

Here is a list of things I learned while Googling. The last few years have been much better as an SEO Manager, only because one simple piece of text gave me the power… Read More


5 Tricks for Facebook Videos & Video Embedding

By On January 9, 2016

1. Try posting to Facebook aswell, not only Youtube Facebook is about to take over YouTube with the speed they are growing and the amount of views a video gets, do this experiment: If you… Read More