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How I learned to do 20+ Site Searches in Google

How I learned to do 20+ Site Searches in Google

Here is a list of things I learned while Googling. The last few years have been much better as an SEO Manager, only because one simple piece of text gave me the power of quickly do the things many people pay money for, you might be wondering what that is, who would pay money for finding out how to do site searches on Google…

If someone were to ask you how to search a site on google or by file type, or maybe generally how to use google as search engine, anyways, believe it or not, it is clear that most people really don’t know how to find all those things.

I had around hundred people come up to me and ask why their website is not indexed or if I can help them index their website, and they were willing to pay money to help them get the sites indexed, however, the sites were (in most cases) already indexed, here is how:

For starters, here is the best trick:

This is the simple line which you need to use when trying to find out if your site or someone elses site is indexed:

it will give you exactly the google search with the most results for the domain, in this case the domain “”, meaning, if this is your site, and the site has 4 pages which are allowed to be indexed by the site settings.

Here is how it will be shown

2016-01-10 - Google Search

So yeah, this is how you can link a website to google search and understand when it is in the SERPs (Search Engine Rank Positions), i hope this simple trick could help you in the future, oh before i forget, here is how you can access a Google query like the one shown:

  1. (encoded)
  3. (a modern way, using ajax, even though i am not sure if the link will stay, in many cases it redirects to your country version, like in my case, it redirected to

And because I don’t want to leave you without some further cool tricks to use Google Search, here we go 🙂

Search within website using google, the following trick will let you find content which contain numbers in between

Let me give you an example:

ice age 2002...2016

will show all versions of ice age which contain the years 2002 to 2016, and here is the outcome:

2016-01-11 00_07_19-ice age 2002...2016 - Google Search

Here is the query for the above shown image:…2016

and if you were to use just this one here:

ice age 2002

you will see this:

2016-01-11 00_09_26-ice age 2002 - Google Search

Here is the query for the above shown image:

And now if we combine both the previously used trick with the new one learned, this is what we can expect: ice age 2002...2016

Searching a website with Google can be easy, if you know the tricks I show you 🙂 it will be so much easier to use Google once you learned it.

So please follow along with me, now.

Here is how you will see the search results with the query combined above

2016-01-11 ice age 2002...2016 - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:…2016

Google always bring out updates, with every upgrade google search engine does, I will update this page.

Here is how you can do Google search in a site with file types in the query

Try using the following google search file extension combined with the query learned above:


…you can find the full list here:

2016-01-11 filetype_pdf - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:

Now I will teach you how to do Advanced Search in Google

I will give you a simple example how I found People “from Turkey” who are “on” without accessing the fiverr site itself, the list gave me back 200 Users, simply by using the following neat trick: "from Turkey"

What is new with this trick is the query in quotes and the query which we don’t want to have in the results used right after the “-” (minus) symbol in search, it will remove it. Searching a site with google can not get easier 🙂 just follow me!

2016-01-11 _from Turkey_ - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:”from+Turkey”

Using the combinations you can do quite some magic with Google Searches, it is one of the best ways how to use site search in google.

Here is another neat trick how to search a site through google

You can use Julian Format to search Contents which have been discovered first time by Google in a certain time period, the Julian Format can be converted here

Now, here is one example query you can try:


And here is how a search result looks like:

2016-01-11 00_42_44-daterange_2452671-2452671 james bond - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:

Here are a few Searching on Google Tips (The ones which I always use)

When using a “+” sign, you can let Google know that you wish to have that specific word in the query too, let’s assume you write the query this way:

tiger -woods +cat

With the above query, Google will show you results WHICH CONTAIN “cat” and show it too, see here:

2016-01-11 00_57_02-tiger -woods +cat - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:

and when you only write the query this way:

tiger -woods cat

then the results will be completely different, because Google will show similar and relevant results, but not directly pages which contain the word, it is the same as if you were searching for the word “i am angry, what can i do?” but google will return a result with the title “I was upset and overcame it with this tricks” so what i am trying to convey is, look at the difference between the following image and the one above:

2016-01-11 01_02_04-tiger -woods cat - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:

I hope so far I could give you enough ideas how you can be using google to search within a site and in general. With the shown methods you can finally have the best way to google search yourself through the day haha 🙂

Ok, here is ONE last way How to Google Search Effectively

This method using google to search a website is basic, but so straightforward, you will be pleased to read about it here and not elsewhere!

It is the following:

allintitle: tiger woods problem

It will show you the pages which contain “Tiger”,”Woods” and “Problem” in the title

2016-01-11 01_13_28-allintitle_ tiger woods problem - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:

This was my summary how to use google to search a site

I have shown you quite a bit of Google Tricks for today, you can find even more settings and tips here:

  1. how to do advanced search on google
  2. more advanced google query parameters
    (on this page you can go deeper into the rabbit hole, by following the links on the footer)

I will conclude here by saying, my favorite tricks are:

and the 2nd one is:
"contents in quotes"

which will display pages which contain exactly that query in pages’s contents.

Thanks for reading my article 🙂
I hope I could be helpful and you learned a bit more.

My Final Final words for this Post!

Are you asking yourself “How do i get on google search?” well,
It’s easy, contact me and I will personally help you get there!