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5 Tricks for Facebook Videos & Video Embedding

5 Tricks for Facebook Videos & Video Embedding

1. Try posting to Facebook aswell, not only Youtube

Facebook is about to take over YouTube with the speed they are growing and the amount of views a video gets, do this experiment: If you have a YouTube channel, post the same video on your YouTube channel and then on your Facebook page/group and set both “Public”, after that compare the views both videos are getting. Share the Results with us!

2016-01-09 15_59_23-The Best Deep House of Popular Songs 2015 - 2016 ' Happy New Year 2016 _ Drop G

2. Facebook Embed function for your Blog

I put both a YouTube video and a Facebook video in this blog post one after another so you can see the difference and judge who of the 2 looks more appealing. No matter what outcome, I think we can safely say there is nothing wrong in choosing sides, both networks receive a lot of traffic, but you will definitely get more shares on Facebook Videos.

From YouTube Video

From Facebook Video

On both embeds i used the standard code which the videos provided, without changing any settings when copying, please see this 2 screenshots to understand what i was copying:

[fb_pe url="https://www.facebook.com/8gaming/videos/942224502482214/" bottom="30"]

Embed code from Facebook Video
Source: https://www.facebook.com/8gaming/videos/942224502482214/

2016-01-09 16_10_17-8Gaming - Animation Vs. Minecraft

When copying the code from Facebook Video, i realised it did not work, so I had to first install this facebook post plugin to make it work http://wp-time.com/facebook-post-embed-for-wordpress/ and then use the shortcode to embed the post, sad, but true.

Embed code from YouTube Video
Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GW_fdXHOWp4

2016-01-09 16_10_57-Animation vs. Minecraft (original) - YouTube

3. Saving Facebook Videos to your Computer

Let’s assume you lost your own Video or want to keep a copy of a cool video on your computer and you want to Download it from Facebook, you just have to copy the Video URL and paste it in one of the following services, they will automatically get the video for you, it can’t get any easier.

I have listed 8 such Services below where you can get your Facebook Video Downloaded easily:

  1. keepvid.com Personally my favorite and best (and the one I use most of the times) it works with many other Services too, such as the following: abcnews.go.com, animetoon.org, animeultima.io, break.com, cloudtime.to, cloudy.ec, collegehumor.com, crunchyroll.com, dailymotion.com, discovery.com, ebaumsworld.com, facebook.com, flickr.com, funnyordie.com, gametrailers.com, genvideos.org, instagram.com, ispot.tv, liveleak.com, maker.tv, mixcloud.com, musical.ly, nbcnews.com, novamov.com, soundcloud.com, veojam.com, vimeo.com, vine.co, watchop.xyz, youtube.com
  2. getfbstuff.com this one has a clean look
  3. savevideo.me this version is available in different languages
  4. downloadvideosfrom.com you can choose different formats at this site
  5. video-fb.com at this one it took me 3 seconds to notice the input field (hint: it’s on top)
  6. downfacebook.com has a neat explanation which URLs to copy and paste, i really like the clean design too
  7. downvids.net with this site it seems you could land a good backlink on the page, it collects the URL and saves it in the playlist on the bottom (scroll down and you should see pasted videos)
  8. fbdown.net one last one, if all other ones get taken down, it happens all the time

4. Use Text in your Videos

I am not sure if you have noticed but more and more Videos on Facebook are watched on Mobile than on Desktop, Facebook Mobile & the Desktop Facebook News Feed has the ability to quickly play Videos while you scroll so they seem like animated gifs, but the Videos don’t play sound, so what you want to do is always add text in your videos, the best example of such videos is how AJ+ does it, see this video here https://www.facebook.com/ajplusenglish/videos/667530353388475/?theater and here is the animation you would see when scrolling on your phone or on the Facebook News-Feed: http://i.imgur.com/ZpoMgZP.gifv

2016-01-09 19_08_50-AJ+

5. Don’t mix up Embedded YouTube Videos with Facebook Videos

If you take a look at the following Screenshots, it is easy to mix them up, it is hard to spot a Video which is hosted on Facebook, so keep one thing in mind, when you look at a Video, here is how you can see the difference:

  • Facebook Videos most times Autoplay, YouTube Videos don’t
  • YouTube Videos need to be clicked first, before they Play
  • Facebook Videos have the View Count in the Left Corner:
    2016-01-09 19_13_33-Facebook

If you take a close look at the following 2 images, it will become easier for you to differentiate them in the future:

A Natural Facebook Video:

2016-01-09 19_17_34-AJ+

And for the YouTube Videos, they usually first Look like this:

2016-01-09 19_15_30-Mikula Beutl

And then through a click magically turn into this:

2016-01-09 19_15_51-Mikula Beutl

Facebook does not send you to YouTube, instead it will Embed the Video directly on Facebook, you can still get to the Video on YouTube directly by clicking the little Logo on the Right corner on the bottom!

This concludes my 5 Points to be more successful with your Facebook Videos, I hope you enjoyed my first article on my blog.