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How to Switch a Blocked Domain in Google within 8 hours (Case Study)

How to Switch a Blocked Domain in Google within 8 hours (Case Study)

Our Scenario

We are a Services Provider in Turkey and Rank for our Brand #1, when suddenly the Turkish Authorities decide to block our Domain, we find that in Google Analytics the Traffic decreases and we need to find a solution: A new Domain must be used, the old one cannot be accessed from that country anymore, so the first part of the analysis is done, we have found out that we:

  • Need a new domain
  • The old domain cannot be accessed anymore from Turkey
  • We want to switch the current domain with the new one for Turkish Search Results (, if your current website was ranking in turkey
    (our case example did not have a Turkish domain in search, but we will create Turkish content and rank it, just to give you the example live)

In our scenario, we will be going to show you the domain switch with this website here:
It is currently ranking #1 for the following English query:

Here is a screen of the Google page (english query), recorded on Day 1:

2016-01-16 13_18_22-health elite beauty tips - Google'da Ara
Language is set to Turkish, with English keywords, the domain is not actually blocked, but for presentation purposes we are going to use this one

So here is a screen of the Google page (turkish query), recorded on Day 1:

2016-01-16 13_23_44-health elite Güzellik ipuçları - Google'da Ara
We will be creating Turkish content to make the search results more accurate during our presentation, the language is set to Turkish, with Turkish keywords

Finding out if you are really Blocked

If you are not sure if you are really blocked, you can:

  1. Do a quick search on the Turkish Government Website, you have to use a Turkish VPN/Proxy to Access their Website
    I recommend HideMyAss for this task.(30 Day Money back Guarantee)
  2. You can try to ask a friend from Turkey to open the website and tell you if they can access it
  3. Reach out to IRC Members from Turkey
  4. Also use HideMyAss or some other VPN/Proxy to access the website directly
    (Be aware, in some cases this might not be good enough, because HideMyAss might not comply with the Government Restrictions and still allow Access to the site)
  5. Use some online service to check the website
  6. Try a Turkish Proxy yourself with Windows or Mac
  7. Try theHOLA Extension, but read this before you use it.

Preparations before the Switch

Is the New Domain Ready?

All DNS Records should be in place, you can go and check if you have everything set correctly

  • Did you verify all Domains and the New Domain?
    HINT: You need to add all versions, such as,, (if you have SSL) and all others such as if you have a language version ( if you are targeting a country such as Turkey for example FOR ALL YOUR DOMAINS (,,,,…) and then also set your preferred domain 

  • Are Canonical Tags Implemented?
    • Language Versions other than Turkish
    • Language Version Turkish
  • New Domain shows same Content as old Domain

Switching the Domain

First comes the 301 Redirect

The redirect must be done by developers, if you have enough knowledge of code and programming, you can also do it yourself.

  1. Check if Redirect works
    1. Google Chrome Console
      1. HTTP Spy Chrome Extension

Second comes the Switch in Google

HINT: If the domain is not verified by that point, then Google Analytics traffic will verify it, if you are already receiving hits on your new Domain. Just press “Verify with “Google Analytics” (change “” in the URL with your Domain and after that you are good to go through the next steps.

  1. Turn off the old redirect from to in “Change of address” (if necessary), meaning, there was a change of address already done previously, to do that, change the Domain “” in the address bar with your own.
    • On the bottom, click “withdraw”
    • And then confirm.
  2. Turn on the new redirect from to in “Change of address” (if it was done previously too), for this step, just go back to the same page, (but this time replace “” in the Address bar with “”) meaning, since we released the old redirect, we can now let Google know of the new redirect in “Change of address”.
    • Choose to redirect to
    • “Check” if the Redirects work, if all is Green, proceed and activate it.

Third comes the Fetch Site as Google and Submit

  1. You should see the new domain appear in search within the hour
    1. Are you out of Credit for Fetching? No Problem, we got your back!
      Get another Google Account and add yourself as Manager

Fourth: The Internal Link on Footer

Now wait

Don’t do anything stupid now

You might get tempted to submit links or ping or index pages faster, but there is not much you can do right now, this process of switching a domain can take from 8 to 72 hours, those were the time frames I experienced, it all depends on how much traffic you are already getting through Google and how many Links pointing to your old site have been already switched (such as media buys and affiliate links)

The Cleanup

Removing old URLs

This only applies if you had previously a Domain indexed in Google Turkey ( and need to get the old one removed because no one can access it from Turkey.

3 Steps: How to Setup and Move WordPress to New Domain or Host

3 Steps: How to Setup and Move WordPress to New Domain or Host

In today’s edition I will explain you how to move a WordPress site from one place to another, installing WordPress step by step is included in this sensational guide, made just so you can move your WordPress site to another server – with ease! This is REAL Wordpress installation Help. I will be explaining how transferring WordPress sites can easily be done with just 3 Simple steps.

What this is…

  1. This technique works if you are planning on moving WordPress from Subdirectory to root or vice versa.
  2. No WP Migration Plugin needed
  3. It is the simplest way of moving the website to new host
  4. No complicated WordPress install path
  5. No complicated WordPress install urls, nothing of the sort
  6. Forget Wordpress search and replace tools, this guide does not need you to do anything complex.
  7. One of the leading Wordpress domain transfer guides, without the need of a Duplicator plugin or the sort
  8. Your personal WordPress install package
  9. Moving WordPress installation from A to B

What this is not…

  1. A one click installer for WordPress (When you want to know how to install WordPress through cpanel) for this you can just use Softaculous if your hosting plan has it, but like I said, this tutorial is not about that.
  2. How to upload WordPress via ftp
  3. How you can transfer and migrate from to (switching)
  4. How to move and migrate blogger to WordPress
  5. A plugin such as “WordPress Mover”, “Duplicator” or “WP Migration”
  6. A guide how to install a Wordpress script
  7. WordPress Multisite migration
  8. A tutorial on Wordpress database search
  9. Explanation on How to Setup WordPress locally

If you wish, we can call this the wordpress five minute install, so let’s do this!


  • An existing (your website, which you want to move)
  • A (where you want to move your site)
  • A wish to relocate wordpress or move from local to live (developer environment to productive) by just copying

Step 1: The Backup

The File Backup

  1. Login to your current site (I assume you have cPanel) for example or it could also be something like , every host is different.
  2. Click on the “File Manager” (the icons might look different)
    2016-01-12 01_40_29-cPanel X - Main
  3. Go to your “/public_html” folder or the one where your blog files are, it can also be “/public_html/blog/”
    2016-01-12 01_42_15-cPanel File Manager v3
  4. Now mark all files and compress them into a “zip” file, name it “”
    2016-01-12 01_49_14-cPanel File Manager v3
  5. Now double click the file, it should start a download, that’s what we want (mine was 99MB)
    2016-01-12 01_53_05-cPanel File Manager v3
  6. Save it somewhere where you can easily find it later.

The Database Backup

  1. Find the Databases section, and click on “phpMyAdmin”
    2016-01-12 01_54_11-cPanel X - Main
  2. It will take you to the databases overview page, find your blog and export it (depending on the size, it can take quite a while, mine was 35 MB)
    2016-01-12 _ localhost _ health_sd3r8t438 _ phpMyAdmin
  3. Save it somewhere where you will find it.

You should now have both files saved

Call the folder your “” name, it should look like this on your PC (if you are using Window):

Step 2: Uploading

I assume at this point you have already bought and set a domain, hosting and database and are ready to go with a clean, fresh environment!

The File Upload

  1. You should be Logged into your cPanel for the
  2. Click the “File Manager” and navigate to /public_html or where you want the site to be! (that folder should be empty, or at least have no other files such as index.html or similar)
  3. Press the “Upload” Button and get the “” file which we created earlier (Be aware that there might be limits as to how large the file size can be)
    2016-01-12 02_10_49-cPanel File Manager v3
  4. Now it’s waiting time, this can take a while depending on your i-net connection (If this does not work for you, try uploading via FTP)
    2016-01-12 02_12_25-cPanel File Manager v3
  5. Extract the “”
    2016-01-12 02_14_20-cPanel File Manager v3
    2016-01-12 02_14_49-cPanel File Manager v3
  6. This is how it should look:
    2016-01-12 02_15_48-cPanel File Manager v3
  7. So far so good

The Database Upload

  1. I assume you are also Logged into the phpMyAdmin Panel for and have created a user, database and password already… (don’t forget to write those details down on the, we will need them in the coming steps)
    2016-01-12 01_54_11-cPanel X - Main
  2. Navigate to “Import” while you have the right database selected & pick the .sql file which you previously downloaded from your
    ATTENTION: The Upload limit here is set manually by me to 50 MB, in most cases you might have only 2MB or 8MB, use this tool below to make little parts from your big sql file:
    2016-01-12 _ localhost _ l41n_wp _ phpMyAdmin
  3. Here is how it should look after the Import
    2016-01-12 _ localhost _ l41n_wp _ phpMyAdmin
  4. SQL Upload is done

Step 3: Changing Settings

What you want to do now is change all Settings from the Old Domain to the New Domain, and we want to make sure we don’t miss anything that is importat! The following 2 steps are the most important ones. Everything else is many times changed manually on sites or by plugins, so I suggest you get some expert help or message me if you are stuck.

HINT: We are still at the settings, we don’t need to touch anything over at the old domain.

wp-config.php Settings

  1. Go back to your “File Manager” and find the extracted files
  2. Find the “wp-config.php” file, right click -> “Edit”
    2016-01-12 02_34_40-cPanel File Manager v3
  3. A new window will open, replace the highlighted text with your settings:
    /** The name of the database for WordPress */
    define('DB_NAME', 'YOUR NEW DATABASE');

    /** MySQL database username */
    define('DB_USER', 'YOUR NEW USER');

    /** MySQL database password */

    2016-01-12 02_36_08-cPanel X
  4. Press “Save” on top
    HINT: If you are using additional Plugins, they might show additional URLs or Information, path, etc. inside the wp-login.php

phpMyAdmin URLs

  1. Let’s hope you still have that window open with phpMyAdmin, because we are going to need it now, click on the database again and find the “wp_options” table (it might be named different, depending on your settings)
    2016-01-12 _ localhost _ l41n_wp _ wp36dg4_options _ phpMyAdmin 4.0.1
    Press “Edit” on the line where it says:
  2. You have to change those 2 values to the and then press “Go”
    2016-01-12 _ localhost _ l41n_wp _ wp36dg4_options _ phpMyAdmin 4.0.1
  3. Done.

Enjoy the results, you can now check your
It will work fabulous, just like mine which i transferred during this post!
This is probably one of the easiest ways to learn setting up WordPress without coding skills and without automated software, just with a plain simple how to install wordpress in cpanel edition.

If you need help with moving your site with wordpress, let me know!
I am here to help!

How I learned to do 20+ Site Searches in Google

How I learned to do 20+ Site Searches in Google

Here is a list of things I learned while Googling. The last few years have been much better as an SEO Manager, only because one simple piece of text gave me the power of quickly do the things many people pay money for, you might be wondering what that is, who would pay money for finding out how to do site searches on Google…

If someone were to ask you how to search a site on google or by file type, or maybe generally how to use google as search engine, anyways, believe it or not, it is clear that most people really don’t know how to find all those things.

I had around hundred people come up to me and ask why their website is not indexed or if I can help them index their website, and they were willing to pay money to help them get the sites indexed, however, the sites were (in most cases) already indexed, here is how:

For starters, here is the best trick:

This is the simple line which you need to use when trying to find out if your site or someone elses site is indexed:

it will give you exactly the google search with the most results for the domain, in this case the domain “”, meaning, if this is your site, and the site has 4 pages which are allowed to be indexed by the site settings.

Here is how it will be shown

2016-01-10 - Google Search

So yeah, this is how you can link a website to google search and understand when it is in the SERPs (Search Engine Rank Positions), i hope this simple trick could help you in the future, oh before i forget, here is how you can access a Google query like the one shown:

  1. (encoded)
  3. (a modern way, using ajax, even though i am not sure if the link will stay, in many cases it redirects to your country version, like in my case, it redirected to

And because I don’t want to leave you without some further cool tricks to use Google Search, here we go 🙂

Search within website using google, the following trick will let you find content which contain numbers in between

Let me give you an example:

ice age 2002...2016

will show all versions of ice age which contain the years 2002 to 2016, and here is the outcome:

2016-01-11 00_07_19-ice age 2002...2016 - Google Search

Here is the query for the above shown image:…2016

and if you were to use just this one here:

ice age 2002

you will see this:

2016-01-11 00_09_26-ice age 2002 - Google Search

Here is the query for the above shown image:

And now if we combine both the previously used trick with the new one learned, this is what we can expect: ice age 2002...2016

Searching a website with Google can be easy, if you know the tricks I show you 🙂 it will be so much easier to use Google once you learned it.

So please follow along with me, now.

Here is how you will see the search results with the query combined above

2016-01-11 ice age 2002...2016 - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:…2016

Google always bring out updates, with every upgrade google search engine does, I will update this page.

Here is how you can do Google search in a site with file types in the query

Try using the following google search file extension combined with the query learned above:


…you can find the full list here:

2016-01-11 filetype_pdf - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:

Now I will teach you how to do Advanced Search in Google

I will give you a simple example how I found People “from Turkey” who are “on” without accessing the fiverr site itself, the list gave me back 200 Users, simply by using the following neat trick: "from Turkey"

What is new with this trick is the query in quotes and the query which we don’t want to have in the results used right after the “-” (minus) symbol in search, it will remove it. Searching a site with google can not get easier 🙂 just follow me!

2016-01-11 _from Turkey_ - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:”from+Turkey”

Using the combinations you can do quite some magic with Google Searches, it is one of the best ways how to use site search in google.

Here is another neat trick how to search a site through google

You can use Julian Format to search Contents which have been discovered first time by Google in a certain time period, the Julian Format can be converted here

Now, here is one example query you can try:


And here is how a search result looks like:

2016-01-11 00_42_44-daterange_2452671-2452671 james bond - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:

Here are a few Searching on Google Tips (The ones which I always use)

When using a “+” sign, you can let Google know that you wish to have that specific word in the query too, let’s assume you write the query this way:

tiger -woods +cat

With the above query, Google will show you results WHICH CONTAIN “cat” and show it too, see here:

2016-01-11 00_57_02-tiger -woods +cat - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:

and when you only write the query this way:

tiger -woods cat

then the results will be completely different, because Google will show similar and relevant results, but not directly pages which contain the word, it is the same as if you were searching for the word “i am angry, what can i do?” but google will return a result with the title “I was upset and overcame it with this tricks” so what i am trying to convey is, look at the difference between the following image and the one above:

2016-01-11 01_02_04-tiger -woods cat - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:

I hope so far I could give you enough ideas how you can be using google to search within a site and in general. With the shown methods you can finally have the best way to google search yourself through the day haha 🙂

Ok, here is ONE last way How to Google Search Effectively

This method using google to search a website is basic, but so straightforward, you will be pleased to read about it here and not elsewhere!

It is the following:

allintitle: tiger woods problem

It will show you the pages which contain “Tiger”,”Woods” and “Problem” in the title

2016-01-11 01_13_28-allintitle_ tiger woods problem - Google-Suche

Here is the query for the above shown image:

This was my summary how to use google to search a site

I have shown you quite a bit of Google Tricks for today, you can find even more settings and tips here:

  1. how to do advanced search on google
  2. more advanced google query parameters
    (on this page you can go deeper into the rabbit hole, by following the links on the footer)

I will conclude here by saying, my favorite tricks are:

and the 2nd one is:
"contents in quotes"

which will display pages which contain exactly that query in pages’s contents.

Thanks for reading my article 🙂
I hope I could be helpful and you learned a bit more.

My Final Final words for this Post!

Are you asking yourself “How do i get on google search?” well,
It’s easy, contact me and I will personally help you get there!

5 Tricks for Facebook Videos & Video Embedding

5 Tricks for Facebook Videos & Video Embedding

1. Try posting to Facebook aswell, not only Youtube

Facebook is about to take over YouTube with the speed they are growing and the amount of views a video gets, do this experiment: If you have a YouTube channel, post the same video on your YouTube channel and then on your Facebook page/group and set both “Public”, after that compare the views both videos are getting. Share the Results with us!

2016-01-09 15_59_23-The Best Deep House of Popular Songs 2015 - 2016 ' Happy New Year 2016 _ Drop G

2. Facebook Embed function for your Blog

I put both a YouTube video and a Facebook video in this blog post one after another so you can see the difference and judge who of the 2 looks more appealing. No matter what outcome, I think we can safely say there is nothing wrong in choosing sides, both networks receive a lot of traffic, but you will definitely get more shares on Facebook Videos.

From YouTube Video

From Facebook Video

On both embeds i used the standard code which the videos provided, without changing any settings when copying, please see this 2 screenshots to understand what i was copying:

[fb_pe url="" bottom="30"]

Embed code from Facebook Video

2016-01-09 16_10_17-8Gaming - Animation Vs. Minecraft

When copying the code from Facebook Video, i realised it did not work, so I had to first install this facebook post plugin to make it work and then use the shortcode to embed the post, sad, but true.

Embed code from YouTube Video

2016-01-09 16_10_57-Animation vs. Minecraft (original) - YouTube

3. Saving Facebook Videos to your Computer

Let’s assume you lost your own Video or want to keep a copy of a cool video on your computer and you want to Download it from Facebook, you just have to copy the Video URL and paste it in one of the following services, they will automatically get the video for you, it can’t get any easier.

I have listed 8 such Services below where you can get your Facebook Video Downloaded easily:

  1. Personally my favorite and best (and the one I use most of the times) it works with many other Services too, such as the following:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  2. this one has a clean look
  3. this version is available in different languages
  4. you can choose different formats at this site
  5. at this one it took me 3 seconds to notice the input field (hint: it’s on top)
  6. has a neat explanation which URLs to copy and paste, i really like the clean design too
  7. with this site it seems you could land a good backlink on the page, it collects the URL and saves it in the playlist on the bottom (scroll down and you should see pasted videos)
  8. one last one, if all other ones get taken down, it happens all the time

4. Use Text in your Videos

I am not sure if you have noticed but more and more Videos on Facebook are watched on Mobile than on Desktop, Facebook Mobile & the Desktop Facebook News Feed has the ability to quickly play Videos while you scroll so they seem like animated gifs, but the Videos don’t play sound, so what you want to do is always add text in your videos, the best example of such videos is how AJ+ does it, see this video here and here is the animation you would see when scrolling on your phone or on the Facebook News-Feed:

2016-01-09 19_08_50-AJ+

5. Don’t mix up Embedded YouTube Videos with Facebook Videos

If you take a look at the following Screenshots, it is easy to mix them up, it is hard to spot a Video which is hosted on Facebook, so keep one thing in mind, when you look at a Video, here is how you can see the difference:

  • Facebook Videos most times Autoplay, YouTube Videos don’t
  • YouTube Videos need to be clicked first, before they Play
  • Facebook Videos have the View Count in the Left Corner:
    2016-01-09 19_13_33-Facebook

If you take a close look at the following 2 images, it will become easier for you to differentiate them in the future:

A Natural Facebook Video:

2016-01-09 19_17_34-AJ+

And for the YouTube Videos, they usually first Look like this:

2016-01-09 19_15_30-Mikula Beutl

And then through a click magically turn into this:

2016-01-09 19_15_51-Mikula Beutl

Facebook does not send you to YouTube, instead it will Embed the Video directly on Facebook, you can still get to the Video on YouTube directly by clicking the little Logo on the Right corner on the bottom!

This concludes my 5 Points to be more successful with your Facebook Videos, I hope you enjoyed my first article on my blog.